May 27, 2013

Lake Quitman Scenes

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Random photos taken at Lake Quitman in 2011, 2012, and 2013 by Rob Vanya. Thanks to Craig & Rachel English for allowing us to visit their lake house, which enabled me to showcase such a charming and scenic lake.


September 24, 2011

San Diego Scenes

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Scenes of San Diego, California — September, 2011 — mostly cruising around San Diego Harbor on the vessel “The Hornblower.” Photos by Rob Vanya.

January 22, 2011

40th Anniversary

For our 40th wedding anniversary, my wife Sandy & I visited Foxfire Cabins near Lost Maples State Park in the Texas Hill Country. Here are some of the photos I took while on our vacation.

December 23, 2010

Hill Country Scenes, Fall 2010

Photos I took in November 2010 at Lost Maples State Park and nearby places in the Texas Hill Country.

October 24, 2010

Some of my favorite photos

Tapestry of some of my favorite photos, mostly landscape and nature photos. All photos by Rob and Sandy Vanya. Texas locations — Bandera, La Grange, Bellville, Chappell Hill, Austin, Enchanted Rock, Lost Maples; Colorado locations — Ouray, National Monument, Million Dollar Highway, Grand Mesa.

October 2, 2010

San Antonio Botanical Gardens

Photos I took in September, 2010 on a quick walk through the San Antonio Botanical Gardens.

September 26, 2010

San Antonio River Walk

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Video that chronicles a walk along the San Antonio River Walk. I took all footage with an iPhone, hand-held while walking (which accounts for the shakiness of some footage). This is my very first attempt at putting together a video with an iPhone, and I have a LOT to learn.

March 17, 2010


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My everyday knock-about SAS shoes that are about 5 years old and have served me well over many a rugged hike.

57 Chevy at the SAS store

A sign inside the San Antonio Shoe factory states: “Our shoes are 60 years behind the times.” Browse around their website at SAS Shoes and you will see why they take pride in being “behind the times.” I recently took the tour of their main factory in San Antonio. The factory is a fascinating place. You get a guided tour and learn about every step of the shoe-making process.

SAS does not make their shoes like most other shoe-making firms. Machines are used in the process, but much of the work — especially the stitching — is done by hand. So, in a very real sense, the company is about 60 years behind the times.

But, because the employees do not rush through the process and put a lot of time and pride in their work, the finished product is a well-crafted work of skill and craftsmanship. You probably can tell that I really like SAS shoes. I have 5 pairs of SAS shoes. Got my first pair about 12 years ago. Still wear them, and they are still very comfortable (even if they are not what many would consider stylish or attractive).

So, if you’re ever in San Antonio, I recommend a visit to the original SAS factory store, which is located adjacent to the factory where their shoes and handbags are manufactured. And if you have the time, be sure to take a tour of the factory (the tour lasts about 45 minutes).

Vintage Buick located in the store

The factory store is an amazing place and well worth the trip even if you do not buy anything. In keeping with the company’s core value of old-fashioned craftsmanship, the store (and grounds around the store) have a definite nostalgic theme and motif.

I cannot share any photos of the SAS factory because photography is not allowed during the factory tours. However, photography is allowed in the nostalgic store located next to the factory. So, here’s a link to some of the pix of the store and grounds around the store that I took during my recent visit —

SAS Store Pix

January 18, 2010

Inspiration from Above

Recently put together another “Precious Promises” presentation. Photography, design, and layout by Yours Truly.

December 12, 2009

Rugged Natural beauty

Sit back, relax, turn up the volume, and enjoy a hike through Lost Maples State Natural Area — a showcase of rugged natural beauty secluded in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Photography by Rob Vanya — For larger views of the photos, please click on the link below —

Lost Maples

September 21, 2009

Some of my favorite pix

A random collection of pix I’ve taken in recent years that rank as some of my personal favorites.

July 4, 2009

Rocky Mountain Journey

Photos taken in and around Ouray, Colorado; which includes sights along the “Million Dollar Highway” — 23 twisting and winding miles between Ouray and Silverton, a route that showcases majestic mountains, cascading streams, and colorful stands of Aspen and Spruce trees. All pix taken by Rob & Sandy Vanya. The quaint and picturesque town of Ouray is surrounded on all sides by towering mountains. For a gallery of more pix taken on our visit to Ouray and Silverton, click on the following link–


June 24, 2009

Colorado’s Grand Mesa

Colorado’s Grand Mesa is the largest “flat-top” mountain in the nation. Sandy & I took these pix while driving around on the summit in late May of 2009. The lakes on the summit were partially frozen. The temps were near freezing, and we encountered snow and sleet, and a snow plow clearing ice from the roads. Took the pix of us 2 together by placing the camera on a tripod & setting the camera to the self-timer mode. Notice the stark contrast of the terrain once we started to descend from the summit. In a matter of about 30 minutes, we drove from lush forests of aspen and spruce trees to the barren, rocky terrain of the arid, dessert-like topography that surrounds the Mesa. It was strange, passing from one world into another world in such a short period of time. To see larger, high-res versions of the pix, click on this link —

Grand Mesa

June 12, 2009

Colorado National Monument

Hope you enjoy this slideshow of pix Sandy & I took when we recently visited the Colorado National Monument, located near Grand Junction. It was stormy and rainy off and on during our drive through the area, which is rare for that part of the state. That’s also why I took some close-up photos of raindrops. Background music: “Carry Me Away” by Govi.

To see larger, high-res versions of the photos, click on this link —

Colorado Vistas

May 13, 2009

Tropical Vacation

Let’s take a little tropical vacation. Pix by Rob Vanya. Music: “Swaying Palms” by Govi. Click HQ to view in High Quality.

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